Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's About Time Soap Carving

The following pictures are my soap carvings of a bobcat. However, after having to redo the face, it turned out looking more like a wolf. 

The progress of my abstract carving.

Here's the abstract. I carved out the second bocat, cut it up, and the put it in the microwave, followed by the freezer.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Elements and Principles of Design in 3D

The following projects were each done to cover a different Element/Principle of Design. They were all done using only the materials: Bosal Wood, Scotch Tape, Wood Glue, Sewing Pins. 


On each of the flanks, there is a different texture. There's a side with pins, a side with patches of wood glue, a side with tape, a side with both tape and wood glue mixed by spreading the glue along the wood and then simply placing a strip of tape over it, and there are a couple sides where the wood is scuffed up in different ways to make rough textures. 


On this one, there are shapes pinned together to create an example of scale. There are big shapes, then inside of those, there are smaller shapes of the same shape. 

Focal Point:

Here, there are wood shavings as the base, and then at the top, there's a big ball of tape with pins sticking out all around it. There's a small hole in the middle filled with wood glue. 


On this one, there is a repetition of shapes on top of the structure. 



-The body is the primary mode of perceiving scale.
-Capacity of objects to serve as traces of authentic experience is exemplified by the souvenir.
-The souvenir reduces the public, the monumental, and the 3-Dimensional into the miniature, that which can be enveloped by the body.
-Nostalgia cannot be sustained without loss.
-To have a souvenir of the exotic is to possess both a specimen and a trophy.

The On Longing:

 My Response

The conversation on momentos really made me think. I have lots of memories that are special to me. I just couldn't think of them right off the top of my head. When the question was first posed, I had no idea what memory my momento was going to symbolize. However, now, I have so many options in my head, I'm not even sure what I'm going to pick.