Thursday, December 12, 2013


Masked Identity:

It's About Time (Greggor's Room):

Paper Stacking (Pineapple):

Paper Stacking (Invented):

Bosal Wood:

Soap Sculptures:


Monday, December 9, 2013

3D to 2D

I chose to use my bed from Greggor's Room, and I copied it, and found  a garbage add online since my bed was supposed to be garbage. Then I found pictures of people sleeping and put them on the beds.

My Momento

Here is my momento. It is about my memory of all the times my family and I went travelling when I was younger. It consists of a rubber glove, sand, and water. The rubber glove symbolizes the rubber on the tires of the car we drove in, which reminds me of all the conversations and memories that were made in the car as we travelled long distances, and the rubbery feeling of the fish we caught when we went fishing. The sand symbolizes all the camping we did, and the soft, warm earth we were on as we talked, cooked, played, ate, and slept. The water is to symbolize all of the water based activities we did, such as swimming, fishing, bathing, boiling, and drinking. In my opinion, there was no better way to express these memories than the way that I did. I took a rubber glove, cut off the fingers, used one finger, filled it with sand, tied it up, and placed it inside of the glove. Then I tied off the places where the fingers used to be, filled the glove with water, and tied the final hole off to make for a great momento.


Paper Stacking Invented

This is an invented paper stacking model based off of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie has a very dark atmosphere. It has the themed colors, black, white, purple, and yellow. There is a scene in the movie that appears several times. It is one with a small curvy mountain, a moon, a graveyard, a fence, and a starlit sky.

 This is my invented paper stacking. It is a bunch of stacked purple fence links connected to a star, set upon a black base. The three color themes are used, and the fence links are broken because, as stated before, this is a dark movie. There is a star because that is a big part of the movie. 

Greggor's Room

I saw Greggor's room in a different light than most others. I didn't view Greggor as a victim. I viewed him as despicable. To me he came off as someone who wasted time, and wasn't liked by his family, and who was honestly just the worst kind of person. In my eyes, he may have needed help, but he was too smug and shy to ask for it.

This first picture is of the entire ensemble. Everything that I made put together in one big photo.

This is how I depicted Greggor's bed. When I read the story, I pictured Greggor's bed as filthy and disgusting. Therefore, I made a ratty torn pillow, on top of a pile of nasty garbage, inside of a cardboard box.

This is how I saw Greggor. This is a roach. I hate roaches, and I think they're terrible and disgusting, much like how I viewed Greggor. 

This is a light switch. It's painted to look dirty, and it's in the off position, because I only ever thought of Greggor being in the dark. However, I believe that everyone deserves another chance. So, the light switch is reversible, and can be turned on just as easily as it was turned off. 

Here is a broken stool. I pictured all of Greggors belongings to be in ruin and broken, much like how I saw Greggor. 

This is Greggor's sister. She's painted white to suggest that she was a light soul, and could possibly have been a light source in Greggor's life if he'd only let her. 

This is a rotten apple as described in the story. In my opinion, Greggor truly was a rotten apple, and he deserved to have one thrown at him.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Masked Identity

I created a mask with the concept of Donnie Darko's Bunny mask in mind. Donnie Darko is a movie about a troubled young man who sees a man in a bunny costume. In the movie, he discovers that the man in the bunny costume, has travelled back in time to lead Donnie through the events that lead to the man's death, and a lot of other bad things that happen. He does this in order to show Donnie why he has to die. So that he can keep all of the following bad stuff from happening. This is one of my favorite movies, and that is why I wanted to create my mask based off of the same idea of the bunny's mask.

This first one is meant to portray confusion and insanity. In the movie, Donnie Darko was very confused and he was, to some degree, insane. This photo captures that sense perfectly. 

This one is meant to show remorse, sadness, and loneliness. In the movie, Donnie Darko is depicted as being all alone because of the things he says, and the way he thinks. 

This one is meant to show a sign of searching for something, but not knowing what, exactly. All throughout the movie, Donnie Darko is searching for his answers, but doesn't know exactly what it is he's searching for until the very end. 

This one expresses shock. Donnie Darko is very shocked when he finally realizes the meaning to what has been happening to him, and he finally understands what he has to do.

This one shows a sense of humility with a feeling of unbearable loss. Donnie Darko loses someone that has come to mean a lot to him. It is then that he finally understands what has to happen. 

This last one portrays a feeling of disorganized calm chaos. All throughout the movie, there's so much going on. There's such a crazy and randomized storyline, and Donnie Darko is deep in the midst of it all, feeling utter desperation as he gasps for air within all of the cluttered chaos. However, the movie still offers a calming sense with the music in it, and the slowed down effect at some points during it. I feel this picture is a great way to express those particular feelings within this atmosphere.