Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Masked Identity

I created a mask with the concept of Donnie Darko's Bunny mask in mind. Donnie Darko is a movie about a troubled young man who sees a man in a bunny costume. In the movie, he discovers that the man in the bunny costume, has travelled back in time to lead Donnie through the events that lead to the man's death, and a lot of other bad things that happen. He does this in order to show Donnie why he has to die. So that he can keep all of the following bad stuff from happening. This is one of my favorite movies, and that is why I wanted to create my mask based off of the same idea of the bunny's mask.

This first one is meant to portray confusion and insanity. In the movie, Donnie Darko was very confused and he was, to some degree, insane. This photo captures that sense perfectly. 

This one is meant to show remorse, sadness, and loneliness. In the movie, Donnie Darko is depicted as being all alone because of the things he says, and the way he thinks. 

This one is meant to show a sign of searching for something, but not knowing what, exactly. All throughout the movie, Donnie Darko is searching for his answers, but doesn't know exactly what it is he's searching for until the very end. 

This one expresses shock. Donnie Darko is very shocked when he finally realizes the meaning to what has been happening to him, and he finally understands what he has to do.

This one shows a sense of humility with a feeling of unbearable loss. Donnie Darko loses someone that has come to mean a lot to him. It is then that he finally understands what has to happen. 

This last one portrays a feeling of disorganized calm chaos. All throughout the movie, there's so much going on. There's such a crazy and randomized storyline, and Donnie Darko is deep in the midst of it all, feeling utter desperation as he gasps for air within all of the cluttered chaos. However, the movie still offers a calming sense with the music in it, and the slowed down effect at some points during it. I feel this picture is a great way to express those particular feelings within this atmosphere.

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