Monday, December 9, 2013

Greggor's Room

I saw Greggor's room in a different light than most others. I didn't view Greggor as a victim. I viewed him as despicable. To me he came off as someone who wasted time, and wasn't liked by his family, and who was honestly just the worst kind of person. In my eyes, he may have needed help, but he was too smug and shy to ask for it.

This first picture is of the entire ensemble. Everything that I made put together in one big photo.

This is how I depicted Greggor's bed. When I read the story, I pictured Greggor's bed as filthy and disgusting. Therefore, I made a ratty torn pillow, on top of a pile of nasty garbage, inside of a cardboard box.

This is how I saw Greggor. This is a roach. I hate roaches, and I think they're terrible and disgusting, much like how I viewed Greggor. 

This is a light switch. It's painted to look dirty, and it's in the off position, because I only ever thought of Greggor being in the dark. However, I believe that everyone deserves another chance. So, the light switch is reversible, and can be turned on just as easily as it was turned off. 

Here is a broken stool. I pictured all of Greggors belongings to be in ruin and broken, much like how I saw Greggor. 

This is Greggor's sister. She's painted white to suggest that she was a light soul, and could possibly have been a light source in Greggor's life if he'd only let her. 

This is a rotten apple as described in the story. In my opinion, Greggor truly was a rotten apple, and he deserved to have one thrown at him.

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