Monday, December 9, 2013

My Momento

Here is my momento. It is about my memory of all the times my family and I went travelling when I was younger. It consists of a rubber glove, sand, and water. The rubber glove symbolizes the rubber on the tires of the car we drove in, which reminds me of all the conversations and memories that were made in the car as we travelled long distances, and the rubbery feeling of the fish we caught when we went fishing. The sand symbolizes all the camping we did, and the soft, warm earth we were on as we talked, cooked, played, ate, and slept. The water is to symbolize all of the water based activities we did, such as swimming, fishing, bathing, boiling, and drinking. In my opinion, there was no better way to express these memories than the way that I did. I took a rubber glove, cut off the fingers, used one finger, filled it with sand, tied it up, and placed it inside of the glove. Then I tied off the places where the fingers used to be, filled the glove with water, and tied the final hole off to make for a great momento.


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